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Substance Abuse

No one ever intends to misuse chemicals. In fact it happens so gradually that sometimes we are unaware that our use of chemicals or other behaviors have become a problem in our lives. 

Many times, other people, our friends, our families, perhaps even co-workers have mentioned to us that we might have a problem with substances. They may have said something like: "slow down" or "your drinking/drug use is out of control" or even threatened to leave the relationship if you do not curb or stop your use of chemicals.


If this sounds familiar, and you have at times wondered "do I have a problem" the next step would be to speak with a professional that is skilled in assessing your use without judgment.  

For some, the thought of talking over our use is a very scary thought. What if they judge me? What if they make it seem like I have a problem when I don't? What if they want me to go to treatment?


All of these questions and fears are common and not surprising. You may feel shame or guilt over your use, or worse, you may feel that you are a failure because you haven't been able to stop using even though you have tried before. Again, this is common. You are not alone. This struggle is real and it may seem that it is bigger than you. The important thing is that you are thinking about it. 

Talking to someone about your use is the first step in finding peace of mind and addressing the problem. We want to work with you in the best way possible to ensure your success in overcoming your substance use. 

Services include:
treatment coordination
addiction management
recovery support

Call 682-241-2564  to schedule an appointment 

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