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Substance Use

A substance use assessment is a thorough evaluation conducted by a licensed chemical dependency counselor. It is designed to examine the person's use or behaviors  and determine the presence or absence of a substance use problem and provide recommended levels of treatment if needed. 

Our licensed chemical dependency counselors (LCDC) work with you in a non-judgmental interview that allows you to share your concerns and details of your history and use. At the end of that interview options are explored and if agreed upon a plan to address the substance use or behaviors is established. 

Bariatric Assessment

Patients interested in obtaining a surgical solution to weight loss are motivated by different reasons. Most insurance companies require a  psychological assessment to determine factors that may impede surgical success. This evaluation is conducted by a counselor trained to perform a comprehensive evaluation. 

Our trained therapists are able to, through a detailed interview, provide the necessary professional recommendation for bariatric surgery. 

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