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Spiritual Counseling

As humans, we are a combination of intellect, emotions, soul and spirit housed in a physical body. For most of us we nourish the first three of those conditions and often neglect the spiritual part of us. We may go to church, pray, sing in the choir and do works of charity. But often we find that we still feel that God is distant and un-involved in our lives. We feel that this "entity" doesn't hear our prayers and our readings of spiritual writings are dull and lifeless.

Often the information that we received about God as a child no longer fits with our perception or our every day life. Some of us have an incredible desire to have a personal relationship with a Higher Power but have no idea how to begin one. Regardless of religion, faith or creed, the Supreme Being has a desire to speak to us and wants us to experience the love that we are created to receive. 

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