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Pet Assisted Therapy

Research shows that working with animals increases the human animal bond as well as connecting others that are in the room at the time. Pets have a unique way of calming not only our physical bodies but also our emotions and allowing us to express those things that are sometimes hidden. 

Woop, my therapy bunny, pictured at right, is an incredible asset to my practice. He has the uncanny knack of knowing when you need to calmly pet him, or you need to laugh as he jumps and does his acrobatics throughout the session. 

Woop works with teenagers as well as adults and he has heard many stories that sometimes people cannot face another person with. Telling Woop sometimes makes it easier to focus on yourself instead of the other human in the room. 

If working with an animal is something you believe would help you and allow you to process difficult emotions or help you center yourself during the therapy session Woop is ready to assist!

Call 682-241-2564 to schedule an appointment
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