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Emotional Transformation Therapy™ (ETT™) is a new form of therapy that rapidly alleviates emotional distress as well as physical pain. The term “transformation” refers to the unusual degree of change that occurs when ETT™ is used. It is a non-drug approach that can bypass the intellect and directly change human emotions. It is not the same as light therapy used to treat seasonal affective disorder (SAD), nor is it the same as “color therapy” (Spectrachrome). ETT™ was originated by Steven R. Vazquez, Ph.D., in the 1990’s and has advanced to its present form in recent years. It has been taught to professionals in eight different countries and hundreds of people in the U.S.​

Recent discoveries in the use of light, sound or rhythmic movement has been observed to have psychological effects beyond talk therapy or medication use. Recently, research in child development and cognitive science has shown that our brains can be influenced by certain types of relationship interaction. Emotional Transformation Therapy™ (ETT™) combines the best of the new research on interpersonal therapy with new discoveries in visual brain stimulation.

Emotional Transformation Therapy

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